Spencer Physical Therapy

20 West 6th St., Suite 1
Spencer, IA 51301

Phone: (712) 580-5008
Mobile: (712) 540-8849
Email: spt@spencerpt.com
Website: http://www.spencerpt.com

Spencer Physical Therapy is a physical therapist owned clinic and a 
part of HomeTown Physical Therapy Clinics.  Our therapists provide
a wide spectrum of services for physical and occupational therapy.
We are here to serve our clients and offer extended hours and 
flexible scheduling.  Front door parking makes it convenient to 
access our care.  No doctor referral needed and we participate in 
all health insurances, including Medicare, Medicaid, VA Choice, 
Wellmark, Aetna, United Health Care, Avera Health Plans, Workman's
Compensation, etc.   We also offer complmentary injury screens and
treat patients post operatively as well.  It is your choice who your
physical or occupational therapist is.  Choose Spencer Physical Therapy.